sumo acid crew - palm trax




3rd Semester, Winter 2020
Prof. Michael Götte
Jannis Braun + Daniel Fleer + Ksenia Gorokhova

InDesign +
Illustrator +
After Effects+
In the third semester we analysed a music sequence and translated this sequence visually, i.e. as a film. In doing so, we created analogies that drew on our experience from the analysis as well as on knowledge from other fields. With the help of this, a variety of simple to highly complex individual elements emerged that can nevertheless be viewed as a whole.

+ We chose the music piece Sumo Acid Crew by Palms Trax, which consists of darker bass tones and accompanying melodies that build on each other. Our song becomes more complex through the constant addition of further instruments, which results in an additive structure of the piece of music. To visualise this additive principle as well as the hierarchy and interplay of the instruments, we decided on a nested ring concept.

(2)      Poster for our final audiovisual design.

 (3)       Table of contents of our documentation on the  subject.
(4)      Colour gradient in our visualisation. 

(5+6+7)      Notation with coding of the instruments of the piece of music. Before visualising the music, we analysed the song sequence. We paid particular attention to the speed, beat, highs and lows and melody of each instrument.  In addition, we tried not only to bring structure into the composition but also to create a visual image of the music.

 (8)      Short description of the song and the artist Palm Trax.
(9+10)      Our ring-shaped, interconnected music visualisation and Morphological boxes to categorise the
individual instruments.

 (11)      Attached is our final music visualisation of the song SumoAcidCrew by PalmTrax.