a short corean dictionary




4th Semester, Summer 2021

For a year now, I have been learning Korean and studying Korean culture and history. The „Hangeul“ consists of a letter script derived from Chinese. Although the alphabet is not a problem after all, the words and syllable composition are more difficult.

+ Since I am not only enthusiastic about the language itself but also very much about the typographical aspects of the „Hangeul“, I designed a short dictionary. Here you will find mainly everyday words and sayings. It also gives an overview of the Korean alphabet and explains basic grammatical rules. The dictionary is bilingual in English and Korean, which was also cleverly implemented in the design.

 (1+2)      Cover and backcover.

(3+4)      Introduction to the Korean language.

 (5+6+7+8)     Vowels and consonants.

(9+10)     Syllable formation.
(11)     Vowel formation.

(12)     Some vocabulary and phrases.