Ötzi - conserving a cold mummy




2nd Semester, Summer 2020
Anne Sievers
Antonia Dongus + Selina Gerlach

craft tools for building the modell +
Photoshop +
Illustrator +  
Cracks, splits, layers, ice - the cold caused him to mummify. In the subject of exhibition design, we transfer the topic of „conservation“ into a modern concept that takes the viewer to the site where the world-famous glacier mummy  „ÖTZI“  was found and gives an insight into the process of cold mummification.  

Freezing room temperatures of 4 degrees intensify the ambience of snow and ice. The ascent to the exhibition platform conveys the feeling of height, which evokes associations with the Ötztal Alps. Both thematic areas each take up one side of the exhibition walls and are connected by the Ötzi eye-catcher in the center. The mummy is illuminated periodically by a projection showing Ötzi.

+ In addition to the 1:20 modell we built, I made an integrated Augmented Reality, which enables the user to mummify his own hand by making a scann of it. Also I managed to project an original picture of the mummy in real life and fotographed the miniature modell making it possible to take a closer look inside.

 (1)      Both thematic areas each take up one side of the exhibition walls and are connected by the Ötzi eye-catcher in the  middle - a wax reproduction of the original.
(2)      The elements are not placed centrally so that it is easy to change sides at the back.

(3+4)      The complexity and multifacetedness is reflected
in the arrangement of the boundary elements and walls of plasterboard and frosted glass.
 (5)     With interaction through two kinds of elements attached to the walls, the information finds a playful application.

(6)      The ramp for walking onto the platform.
(7)      Built - in Augmented-Reality where the user can mummiefy his own scanned hand.

 (8+9)      The „eye-catcher“ is illuminated every 15 minutes  by a 2-minute  projection showing Ötzi in colour at the  place where he was found. This creates  two impressions  for the viewer.

 (10)     Augmented-Reality.
(11+12)        Information boxes with pull-out elements and mummification stages to look at.

(14+15)        For more structure and clarity when building the model, the positioning of the Ötzi replica and other construction-relevant data, I built a 1:1 model in Cinema4D. This provided a template for the construction and simplified the process.