4th Semester, Summer 2021
Franziska Enz
Selina Gerlach

Illustrator +
Photoshop +
Timing and planning are essential to lead a normal everyday life. Our solution for people with disabilities that affect this structuring is the intelligent planner app „Memori“, a supportive companion in everyday life. The app not only offers blind or visually impaired people more order and a natural daily routine, but can also be used
by dementia patients.

The app was designed in a short workshop in the fourth semester and implemented as a prototype. The aim was to design an aid for disabled people through inclusive design.

+  The idea was developed in a group work by working out the basic factors in inclusive design. After building the prototype with Figma, I photographed the results in direct use.

(1+2)      “memori”, the autonomous daily planner for blind, visually impaired and demented people.

(3+4)      The app helps you to have a naturally structured day. You can expect features ranging from "alarm clock" to appointment reminders and check-up questions from "memori".

(5+6+7+8)      All dates can be viewed in an overview (colour-coded to distinguish the categories). Medication reminders are coloured purple, food reminders are yellow and all other appointments that have been personally entered by the user are coded blue.

(9+10+11)      Under Settings, people with visual impairments or dementia can easily edit the size of the font and audio settings and close the app. Blind persons can of course do this by voice control.